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Houston Building Signs


It’s often the case, that the first impression a potential client or customer gets of your Houston business is from your building or storefront facade.

custom storefront building signsHere at New Modern Sign, we are all about making sure that the impression your business makes is a great one!

You can set your business apart from surrounding ones by having high-quality and appealing business signs, you will get to grab the attention of passersby, capture more interest and ultimately make more money. Whether you are keen on using a promotional sign to attract more visitors or want a logo sign for brand-building, we are able to design, manufacture and install a building sign which is ideal for your business.

Call New Modern Sign at (713) 597-2944 to set up a Free Phone Consultation with a Building Signs Specialist.

Getting Your Business Sign Right

Building SignThe requirements of businesses vary when it comes to their building signs. The choices that you make regarding your business signs will be impacted by your budget, your target audience, your location, your competition and importantly your brand personality.

We care for each and every step of your custom sign, starting with an initial phone consultation and going right to the installation stage, that means the design, manufacture, repair, maintenance, and even permits can all be cared for by our company.

The Various Types Of Building Signs

Building Cabinet SignOur Houston, TX consultants are most likely to recommend one of a few different sign types. We will take into account your location and business type and then recommend business signs that will complement the signs you already have, or create a contrast to make sure you really stand out. Whatever we suggest, we will make sure that it is the best choice for your location and business needs.

Each and every one of our signs are custom made. That means that even if you choose a channel letter or other type of signage which is the same as business in your area, your sign will stand alone as being unique while at the same time having a cohesive element.



Dimensional Letters And Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignThe most popular choice tends to be channel letters dimensional signage as they are very versatile and come in a choice of style, font, and color. These can include individual letters, numbers, logos, and shapes. Retails stores, facilities for manufacturing and many other business types favor this choice as it is durable and is able to be customized very well. Light can be housed in channel letters since they usually have a transparent face, on the other hand, dimensional letters tend to be cut from one see of acrylic or metal, if more attention is needed they can be backlit.

Signs With Lights

lighted channel lettersYou can make sure that your business is easily found night or day by having lighted signage. A lot of different signs are ideal for lighting or backlighting. Often, channel letter signs are backlit and you will nearly always have a light element in cabinet signs. You can really help your Houston business to be visible, regardless of the time of day or night, with lighted signs, this is especially useful for businesses such as theaters, bars, gas stations and retail stores which stay open late.



Blade Signs, Hanging Signs And Projecting Signs

Projecting Sign, Hanging SignWhatever term you use, these sign types are perpendicular to your building instead of being fixed flat against the facade. They can come in the form of backlit cabinet signs or may be manufactured using Urethane Foam, wood, metal or some other custom material. These signs work a treat when it comes to attracting foot traffic and tend to be used along with a storefront sign or to provide a directional element for a business which is not in a building with a clear storefront, like a solicitors office located above a bookstore.

Awning And Canopy Signs

custom awning channel letter signThese work both as a protector for the storefront and a way to have your business identified. They tend to be made from stretched canvas but they can also be made from metal or fabric if such is the desire of the client. We recommend choosing a product which will be weather resistant to help you get the longest lifespan. Awning signs are great for creating a boutique-vibe and also have a practical use, such as in an open-air restaurant.



Your Free Phone Consultation

Houston Building Signs logo newNew Modern Sign is delighted at the prospect of creating the ideal sign for your Houston business. We understand how important it is to get the sign right so that you can build brand and customer base.

Call New Modern Sign at (713) 597-2944 to set up a Free Phone Consultation with a Building Signs Specialist.