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Houston Car Wraps


Looking to maximize your marketing opportunities? Car wraps and graphics from New Modern Sign is your solution!

Houston Car Wraps Mango vehicle car Wrap 300x200Many companies use cars to make delivers or as perks for their employees. A branded car is an effective way to market your Houston company to potential customers by displaying your contact information, branding message, and logos as you travel to and from work.

As you go about your daily routine, your branded vehicle works hard to promote and raise brand awareness, allowing you to capitalize on missed opportunities. Just one branded car can reach many potential customers without changing any of your daily activities.

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High-Visibility Brand Marketing Tool

Houston Car Wraps partial car wrap vehicle graphics lettering vinyl 300x225Do you drive urban or rural roads every day when coming and going to work? If you’re driving around in a non-descript car, you’re blending in with everyone else on the road. Those who see your vehicle will do so only with a passing glance, never knowing that you own a business with products or services they desperately need.

Imagine driving around in a car with a custom wrap crafted by New Modern Sign. While driving the same route, people will start to recognize your Houston, TX business, and your call volume begins to increase. Before your car wrap, most of your calls were coming from people who lived close to your business, but now you will start receiving calls from customers living much further away from your company.

With car wraps, you can improve your business visibility reaching potential customers without necessarily requiring additional marketing methods. Since lots of local customers are passing through the same route as you every morning, you can reach lots of people that can benefit from the type of goods or services you’re offering.

Anyone going on about their day will remember the guy spinning the sign showing a limited sale so you can gain the same benefits from branding your car. That way, you will create a lot of attention and reiterate your brand message every time people see your car on the road with the branded car wraps.

Complete Customization To Your Needs

Houston Car Wraps car wrap full 300x225Every company has its own marketing/branding message and each car wrap produced should reflect precisely that. Your brand will stand out with impactful and professional elements that are visible from a distance. New Modern Sign has the best car wrap specialists who can design wraps, magnets, graphics and much more to complement the shape of your vehicle.

We work with your needs to help you find the best product for your Houston business. We will work with you from the initial design concept through manufacturing and installation of your wrap for different vehicles and various coverage levels such as:

Are you thinking about using a different vehicle for work? New Modern Sign will create the best wrap for whatever vehicle you have whether it’s an ATV or RV. We will create the best designs to boost your market awareness. With the continuous evolving of your business, we can do some modifications on the wraps to provide freedom to continue growing your business.

Protect Your Vehicle Investment

Houston Car Wraps wraps 3 300x172New Modern Sign relies on durable vinyl film to create wraps that are beautiful and protect the paint job on your vehicle to prevent any wear and weathering when on the road. A car is a substantial long-term investment, so you will create an impactful branding tool and protect the lifespan of your vehicle improving the resale value in the long-run.

With a professional team of installation experts, you can rest assured that we will take care of the whole process. That way, the finished products meets your standards guaranteeing ultimate satisfaction. New Modern Sign understands that a car wrap needs to be installed correctly to be worthy of yours and our name!

Complete Wrap Manufacturer

Houston Car Wraps custom vinyl vehicle wrap installation graphics 300x221We are passionate about creating car wraps. Our staff will guide through the signage creation process including consultation, installation, proper maintenance and removal of your wrap. We work with your ideas and design your wrap around those ideas to create an effective brand building tool that will help grow your business to new levels.

Your car wrap improves the visibility of your brand/business and increases the lifespan of your vehicle’s factory paint. If you need further assistance regarding removal, repair or replacement of the wrap and its elements, we have experienced staff ready to help you.

Free Car Wrap Consultation

New Modern Sign will create customized car wraps to improve your Houston business visibility and protect your valuable investments. We are your signage partner for any other cohesive signs and graphics to help you with your marketing needs.

Call New Modern Sign today at (713) 597-2944 for a Free Consultation with a Car Wrap Specialist!