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Channel Letters
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Houston Channel Letters

No matter what sort of Houston business or industry you are involved in, you can create effective signage with the use of dimensional letters and channel letters.

custom channel letter storefront sign Channel letter signs are very flexible and can be customized as need demands to include personal design choices and brand guidelines. We can make just the right sign to suit your needs using flat dimensional letters, illumination and a wide variety of customized options.

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Channel Letter Signs For Your Storefront

custom storefront channel letter signs Customers who want a storefront sign frequently request channel letter design. These signs are three-dimensional. They are made by formation of cut metal images, letters, numbers and symbols. These are aligned perfectly and then secured to a frame which provides a secure backing.

The frame can be like a raceway sign. Alternately, the signage can be mounted flush with the surface of your building.

A sturdy acrylic top is affixed over the channel to provide protection. These tops are available in a wide range of colors and levels of transparency. These options help provide a completely customized appearance.

With this sort of sign you can include your logo, your name (or company name) and a slogan, if you wish. We offer lots of styles, fonts, colors and sizes so that you can perfectly customize your sign for your Houston, TX business. It is possible to hand-form channels to include any icon, image or custom font.

Many different types of businesses and organizations prefer to use Channel Letter Signs such as: Manufacturing facilities, Shopping centers, Office buildings, Grocery stores, Retail stores, Churches, Schools, Malls and a wide variety of other organizations.

Dimensional Letters Offer Yet Another Option

acrylic dimensional letters There are a number of similarities between channel letter and dimensional letter signs. Both are made up of elements that are created individually. The difference is that channel letters are hollow and can be illuminated.
Dimensional letters are made of solid sheets of metal, acrylic or other material. The material used can vary in thickness, and there are lots of choices available in terms of font, size and style. The dimensional sign you help design can be several inches deep, completely flat or anything in between those two choices.

At New Modern Sign we help you promote your brand effectively with specially designed, high-quality, good-looking, durable dimensional letter signs.

Backlit Signs and Illuminated Signs

Houston Channel Letters marquee channel letter led backlit outdoor awning sign 2 300x225 When you add LED lighting to a channel letter sign, you’ll really get a lot of attention. Bright LED lighting makes it easy to see your sign at night or during poor weather. This helps your business stand out at all hours of the day and night and under any conditions.

When you choose to add lighting to your signage, we will take care of every step of the process. We will prepare the sign, install it safely and make sure all electrical elements are taken care of. We will also clean up after ourselves when the job is done.

If your business is open at night, having a backlit channel sign is a great way to attract new customers.

A lighted sign is the perfect choice for:

  • Convenience stores
  • Comedy clubs
  • Coffee shops
  • Gas stations
  • Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Theaters
  • Bars

This type of signage is also a good choice if you just want to stand out from the competition.

Free Phone Consultation For Channel Letter Signage

Houston Channel Letters logo new We promise to work quickly and efficiently and provide you with high quality signage. Our team of experienced, dedicated experts look forward to assisting you from conception to completion of your project. We want to be your go-to partner in sign creation.

We will help you design and create excellent signage to get you started and continue to improve on that work as your Houston business grows and prospers. You can count on New Modern Sign to be at your side to help you and your business get noticed and achieve success.

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