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Commercial Truck Wraps
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Houston Commercial Truck Wraps

If your company has trucks that deliver products, perform jobs for clients or act as corporate vehicles, you may want to tap into the marketing potential that these trucks offer with custom wraps that prominently show your Houston business logo, brand message, and contact information.

Custom vinyl truck wrapWhen you introduce your branding to the roads, you substantially increase your brand visibility to everyone on the streets including passengers, other drivers and anyone who might be looking out the window. Branded vehicles not only do a good job of spreading your message locally, but they also assure existing and potential customers that you run a professional and serious business and that you are ready to work for and with them.

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Entirely Customized For Your Needs

Branded work truck wrapEvery Houston, TX business out there is different, with different marketing methods and needs. You want your vehicle wrap to spread a message and to properly do that, it must be professionally designed and eye-catching, with elements that prominent and visible from a distance. Also, the wrap’s layout needs to complement that shape of your truck. You can count on our designers to create the perfect wrap, graphics, any other form of signage you may require for your vehicle.

We specialize in designing, making as well as installing full and partial truck wraps, custom vehicle decals, stickers & graphics, car magnets as well as perforated car window film.

Wraps and Graphics are High visibility Marketing Tools

Custom Food Truck WrapIf you take the same route from home to work and vice versa on a daily basis, you’re just a generic car passing by, blending with the rest and in a nondescript manner. But what if you have a custom branding wrap on the vehicle? Don’t be surprised if you start getting new calls and strangers approaching you for business purposes.

Well, that is because custom wraps and graphics do an excellent job of not only making your company truck stand out but also provide consistent brand marketing. Most people in a city take the same route to and from work and so, they will be exposed to your branding message on a constant basis. It is the same thing as seeing the same sign as you travel. It enhances visibility and people are more likely to remember and avail your services.

Many firms and institutions use various types of cars for work functions. As such, there’s a need for special custom services for each car. Well, you can count on New Modern Sign to create a cohesive design and do the necessary tweaks in order to properly fit all your car types, thus allowing for ultimate consistency in your campaign.

Protect your Investments

Protective truck wrapCustom vehicle wraps are more than just an excellent marketing or branding tool. The highly vinyl material utilized to create wraps ideally serves as a layer of protection for the paint job of your car. This makes it relatively resistant to weathering and road wear. There is no denying that your company cars are a substantial business investment and you would want them to last as long as possible. As such, it makes sense to avail the ideal measures to prolong their lifespan and conserve their value.

Proper installation is called for to ascertain that your wraps are not only appealing but also provide the wanted protection. Our Houston team of dedicated installation specialists handles the whole process from the initial to the final stage, thus providing a complete product that you can be proud to put your name on.

Comprehensive Vehicle Wrap Services

Branded Work Truck WrapWe are a full-service local company that is here to help you through every phase of the truck wrap/graphics process starting with consultation, designing, manufacturing, installing, servicing and even removal. Our team of fully-trained expert designers, fabricators as well as installers will work hard and with you on every stage to create a final product that does what is expected.

Also, if you have an existing damaged vehicle wrap, regardless of who originally installed it, you can count on us to restore it to a pristine condition.

Free Vehicle Wrap Consultation

If you want to increase your Houston business visibility, exposure, attract new clients and attract your investment, you should our custom vehicle wrap services today. New Modern Sign is your friendly and reliable partner when it comes to producing high quality, attractive and cohesive truck wraps, graphics and any other type of signage that you may need.

Call New Modern Sign today at (713) 597-2944 for a Free Consultation with a Truck Wrap Expert!