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If you are looking for high-quality, visible outdoor signage, look no further than New Modern Sign.

custom storefront building signsWe provide our Houston clients with a complete range of outdoor and exterior signage, including channel letters, dimensional lettering, digital signs, cabinet signs, yard signs, monument signs, pole signs, pylon signs, tenant signs, window signs, outdoor banners, promotional signage, and more.

Not only can we create every type of outdoor signage, we can recommend the right blend of promotional and business identification signage to any client type, including small businesses, healthcare organizations, corporations, industrial companies, large chain stores, and even can assist home-based businesses with building their local visibility through impactful promotional signage elements.

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Start Attracting More Customers

Why does your business need outdoor signs?

Promotional outdoor business sign- channel letters

High-quality exterior signs for Houston, TX businesses tell your potential customers who you are, what you do, and why they should come into your location. Storefront signs are proven to increase foot-traffic and the International Sign Association estimates that 46% of customers become aware of a business through their storefront signage. This means that your storefront is your best chance to make a good first impression, so it is vital that you ensure what you display on the outside of your business is a true reflection of your company and brand personality.

Every outdoor sign project begins with a free phone consultation. A sign expert from New Modern Sign will speak with you to answer any questions and to discuss your potential project in greater detail.

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Storefront & Business Signage

We know that the outdoor sign you invest in needs to be durable. That’s why New Modern Sign goes to great lengths to ensure you love your exterior signage!

custom awning channel letter signYou’ve got options when it comes to compelling storefront and business signage – and New Modern Sign is here to assist you throughout every stage of your signage project. Not every business will need the same type of outdoor sign. During your initial phone consult with a sign expert, we will talk about the placement of your exterior signage, and identify your budget and branding objectives. Any of the outdoor signs we offer are completely customized to your needs, ensuring your storefront or business stands out to potential customers.

Channel Letters & Dimensional Lettering

Custom Illuminated Channel letter lighted signChannel letter signage and dimensional lettering are our most requested sign types, commonly seen utilized for many different business types, including manufacturing facilities, retail stores, gas stations, churches, schools, and just about any other business with a storefront or physical location.

We handcraft our channel letters right here in Houston, Texas at our local sign production facility. Each element, such as letters, numbers, or a logo, is carefully cut and formed from metal, with an acrylic face in your choice of transparency and color.

Channel letters offer a clean, 3-D look and are easily customizable. The channels within the letters allow these signs to easily be illuminated, backlit, or both, which is especially useful for businesses that keep hours after dark.

cut aluminum dimensional lettersDimensional letters offer the same high level of customization as channel letters, except for the ability to be internally lighted. Instead of a formed channel with acrylic face, they are cut from a solid sheet of material, typically a solid acrylic panel or sheet of metal. While they can be backlit, their solid construction does not allow for illumination. However, they can be a more economical option due to the lower-degree of labor required for production. New Modern Sign can help you determine which option is best for your business, brand, and location.

Outdoor Digital Signs & LED Signs

LED Monument SignNew Modern Sign can customize outdoor digital and LED signs to specific display sizes and correct resolutions, ensuring your messages are perfectly clear. We can offer you tri-color or full color LED message display signs, pole or monument sign outdoor digital message centers, and even remote or PC controlled LED signage.

We all know it can get pretty hot and steamy around here, so outdoor digital signs in Houston need to be professionally installed with high-quality hardware to ensure they withstand heat and humidity. Our sign installation technicians take special care to install your outdoor digital or LED sign to withstand weather conditions and remain securely in place.

Canopy & Awning Signs

La Porte Outdoor Signs gaspar awning sign 300x200A canopy sign is an eye-catching way to broadcast your brand on the storefront of your business. They are easily customized, and in addition to adding visibility to your store, a canopy or awning sign will also add some shade and weather protection to your business.

Canvas canopy signs can give a business a “boutique feel”, while metal is commonly used for larger awning signs, like those protecting gas station pumps, or covering the expansive entrance of a hotel or restaurant drop-off/valet station. There are many different types of awning signs and canopy signs, and we can provide the perfect one for your needs.

Complete Outdoor Signage Provider

custom business signs collection gas stationNew Modern Sign produces every outdoor sign your business could possibly need, from high-visibility pole signs to custom address signs. Whether you are just starting out, looking to expand, or ready to replace outdated/unattractive signage, our team will provide the best exterior sign solutions for your brand, needs, facility, and budget.

Other types of outdoor signage include:

Looking to outfit your business inside and out with cohesive signage? New Modern Sign offers indoor sign services as well as total business signage packages.

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Full-Service Outdoor Sign Company

With our full-range of products and local production, you won’t need to work with any other sign company for your outdoor sign project!

Custom awning sign vinyl installation Houston, TXNew Modern Sign is a local sign maker located right here in Houston, Texas. Our vast selection of outdoor signs is something our clients value when working with us. Customers also appreciate the fact that we design and manufacture all of our outdoor signs right here in Houston. Working with a local exterior sign producer makes a huge difference when it comes to a great outdoor sign.

If your signs require a bit of extra coordination – such as outdoor digital signs and lighted channel letter signage- we are here for you. New Modern Sign staffs trained installation technicians who ensure that your finished product is installed professionally and to your specifications.

In addition to outdoor sign creation and installation, our team will also assist you with any sign permitting that may be needed for your project.

The details of your outdoor sign project will be discussed at an initial phone consult with our a sign expert from New Modern Sign. This consultation is offered at no charge to you.

You can receivce your free phone consultation today by calling us at (713) 597-2944!

Free Outdoor Sign Phone Consultation

La Porte Outdoor Signs logo newIt’s easy with New Modern Sign! We take the stress out of outdoor signage by providing you with support and expert guidance throughout every stage of your signage project. We have worked with Houston businesses within every niche and business type, allowing us to utilize our expertise to make the right suggestions for your needs. We can’t wait to work with you!

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